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Rules of parking for spaces operated by Budavári Kapu Kft, the governing regulations and its amendments

The applicable rules of using parking spaces, operated by the Local Government of Budavár / Budavári Kapu Ltd., between the operator and the vehicle owner are defined by law in force, especially  the under the Traffic Law 1988. [Közúti közlekedésről szóló 1988. évi I. törvény], the Decree 30/2012. Budapest Local Government [Budapest főváros közigazgatási területén a járművel várakozás rendjének egységes kialakításáról, a várakozás díjáról és az üzemképtelen járművek tárolásának szabályozásáról szóló 30/2010 (VI.4). Fővárosi Közgyűlési rendelet] and the Civil Code 1959. [Polgári Törvénykönyvről szóló 1959. évi IV. Törvény] By parking in the car park you are agreeing to the terms of the contract written on the signes. 


On October 1st 2009 came into force the General rules of starting and conducting service activity [Act LXXVI. 2009] focusing on the on rules of complaints handling and accountability of service providers. Please note that in case of breaching the complaint-handling rules you may turn to the competent Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection. Address of the authority and other information required in order to initiate the proceedings can be downloaded from www.nfh.hu

In case of a consumer dispute you can request the proceedings of the independent Arbitration board operated by the Chamber of Commerce according to your home address, while it is also possible to bring your claim to Budai Központi Kerületi Bíróság [Buda Central District Court] according to the business address of the service provider. Address of the Court and other information required in order to initiate court proceedings can be downloaded from www.birosag.hu.

Information required in order initiate the proceedings of the arbitration board:

The competence of the arbitration boards covers the out-of-court settlement of disputes between consumers and business entities regarding the quality and safety of products and services, application of product liability regulations, quality of services and other issues relating to the conclusion and performance of contracts. The basic rule is that the proceedings have to be terminated within ninety days, however in justified cases, the chairman of the council has powers to extend this time limit by not more than an additional thirty days. A precondition is that the consumer has attempted to settle the case directly with the business entity concerned.

Existing Regulations

  • Decree No. 30/2010. (VI. 4). Budapest Főv. Kgy. [General Meeting of Budapest’s Local Governments]


  • Decree No. 5/2001. (IV.11.) Budavári Önk. Kt. [General Meeting of Budavár Local Government ]


  • A közúti közlekedésről szóló 1988. évi I. törvény [Traffic act 1988]




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