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at Tárnok street and Dísz square will begin the rehabilitation works of the road sothe parking at the castle will be influenced in addition to the changes in traffic engineering by the following:

- the traffic STOP at Tárnok street, instead of this at Úri street will be provided for two-way traffic,

- the paid parking places at the Dísz square – till the completion of the works - will not be available.

- the price of the parking at Színház street have to be paid at the gate of Palota street.

Regarding the fact that in paying area the parking will not be available, the waiting prices - except the parking at the Színház street - will be paid as the price for the restricted area.

Waiting prices /cars/:

- 30 minutes free

- after 30 minutes: 520 Forint

- after 1 hour: 5250 Forint

At Hunyadi street and Palota street the bus waiting areas remain undisturbed for buses.

The renovation works - as expected - will be held for 3 months.
For any inconvenience thank you in advance for your understanding and patience!



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