Parking By Mobile & Smartphone

How It Works?

Quick guide to use Pay by Phone Parking:

How to buy parking ticket via mobile phone?

  • The text message must be sent to the phone number which is seen on top of the pay & display machine. Please consider which mobile operator is your subscription at, or where the top-up card is from. (T-Mobile, Vodafone or Telenor.) Use the prefix of your mobile operator (+36 20 / +36 30 / +36 70)
  • The text message shall contain the VRN of the car only, without dashes or spaces. (e.g: abc123)
  • Within a couple of minutes, a message must be received from the mobile operator, which confirms the start of parking. The cost of parking is added to the balance of the monthly phone bill, or in case of top-up cards, is decremented from the actual balance.
  • Sending the word STOP, to the same phone number which was used to start the parking, will stop your parking immediately. The mobile operator will, again, send a text message to confirm the end of parking. 

Other information

  • By sending one text message, a minimum of 15 minutes parking time can be purchased.
  • Sending the VRN of the car or the word STOP within 1 minutes, the parking will be cancelled upon your request.
  • If the confirmation message is not received within a couple of minutes, please purchase your parking ticket at the Pay & Display machine and place it behind the windscreen of the car as usual.
  • Sending the VRN of the car or the word STOP within 15 minutes, the parking will stop after 15 minutes only.
  • Text messages to start or stop parking must be sent from the same phone number.
  • By using the “ad hoc system”  to pay for parking, combination of only one phone number and only one vehicles's VRN can be used.
  • The maximum parking time can be paid by phone in the 1st District is 3 hours.
  • Before start using Pay by Phone Parking, please check  the balance and shopping quota, assigned to your phone number, with the mobile operator.


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