Resident Permits

Resident Permits

Type of permits

  • Resident parking permit 
  • Medical parking permit 
  • Business parking permit 

“Parking permit issued by the Budapest Capital 1st District Local Government (Budavár)” is printed on the back of the parking permit. 

Preconditions for issuing residence permits

Resident parking permit can only be issued in case of the applicant’s permanent residence is within the paid parking zone. The parking permit is valid for the car, which is selected by the applicants, or the car is given to the applicant for exclusive use by his/her employer.  

There are two type of Resident parking permits, residents may apply for two permits by apartment:

  • Resident parking permits, and  
  • Resident parking and entry permits

From January 1st 2012, parking fee must be paid after the 2nd Resident parking permit. The vehicle may qualify for discounts based on environmental classification (see Eco vehicles for more details)

Required documents for applications

Documents required in order to issue a Resident parking permit:

  • ID Card
  • Vehicle registration certificate.
  • Paid application fee (2.000 HUF).
  • Evidence of vehicle tax was paid.
  • Paid parking fee (in case of the 2nd car),

How to apply?

The administration is done in person, but can be initiated electronically via the Internet. Parking permits are issued by the Customer Service Office of Local Government of Budavár.

Permit sticker

Permit sticker are given to residents along with the resident permit, which should be displayed behind the windscreen.




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