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Top-Up Cards

Purchasing top-up parking cards

Top-up Parking Cards, valid in Budapest 1st District, can be purchased at the Customer Service Office of a Budavári Kapu Kft.

The cards are available with a face value of 5.000 HUF, 10.000 HUF and 30.000 HUF. The Parking card, later on, can be topped up to the original face value (5.000 HUF, 10.000 HUF and 30.000 HUF) only. A 2000 HUF deposit is charged upon purchasing a new Top-up parking card.

Institutional discounts

Institutional partners can purchase Top-up Parking Cards with 30% discount, provided by the Local Government, which is credited automatically upon paying for parking.

Institutions partners within the district already swapped to Pay by Phone Parking may choose the better scheme; the 30% discount applies to both services. (Pay by Phone Parking and Top-up Parking Card) 

Zone restrictions

Top-up Parking Cards can be used to pay for parking or pay a parking fine at the 144 SIEMENS Pay & Display machine in Budapest 1st District only.

Buyback process

Budavári Kapu Kft. buys back your Top-up Parking Card if you no longer wish to use it. Upon repurchasing, the remaining balance of the Top-up card is paid via bank transfer; you may require showing a copy of the original sales receipt.





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