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Pay By Phone Parking

I can't pay for parking by mobile, why?

The Pay by Phone Parking system is not operated by the parking management companies. In case of any problem related to Pay by Phone Parking, please contact EME Inc. (Pay by Phone Parking service provider in Hungary)

If you are unable to start parking via your mobile phone, for whatever reason, please purchase your parking ticket at the Pay & Display machine and place it behind the windscreen of the car as usual.


What is ad-hoc mobile parking?

All three mobile operators are offering Pay by Phone Parking for their customers "on demand", without signing any special contract or making prepayments. (Ad hoc mobile parking) The service allows minutes based parking; no need to worry about getting back to your car before the ticket is expired. In addition to parking fee the cost of text message plus a 75 HUF convenience fee is charged upon using Pay by Phone Parking service. or more details please check our website, as well as, the website of EME inc. You can also call or visit the customer services of mobile operator. Dial: 1220 for Telenor, 1430 for T-Mobile and 1271 for Vodafone.



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