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Please find the answers for the most frequently asked questions received by our Customer Service department. If you have further questions feel free to contact the Customer Service on line, via phone or in person.

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Can I pay with top-up card?

Paying with Top-up Parking card is Possible. From January 1st  2012 our company accepts payments by top-up parking cards at the pay and display machines within Budapest 1st district.

For which zones is the Business parking permit valid?

Business parking permits issued by the Budapest 1st District Local Government (Budavár) are valid within the 1st District, excluding the zones within Buda Castle. 

For which zones is the Resident permit valid?

Resident parking permits issued by the Budapest 1st District Local Government (Budavár) are valid within the 1st District, excluding the zones within Buda Castle. 

How can I pay for the parking ticket?

At the pay and display machines you can use coins or top-up card to pay for the parking ticket. If you do not have coins, you can use Pay by Phone Parking to purchase your parking ticket.

Less than 15 min to the end of operation hours, do I have to pay?

Nevertheless the minimum parking time can be purchased at the pay and display machine is 15 minutes, this does not mean motorists do not need to pay for less than 15 minuets parking.

What if I my top-up card is not working?

In case of your Top-up Parking Card is not working properly, please contact the Customer Service Office of Budavári Kapu Kft.

What to do if the machine does not accepts coins?

The 100 and 200 HUF coins can be damaged or contaminated. The problem usually can be solved by wiping the coins firmly. If the pay and display machine is out of order, you can purchase the ticket from the machine nearby. Please report the machine error to our Helpdesk by calling the number written on the machine.

When should I have to buy a ticket? There is grace period?

Tickets must be purchased at the beginning of parking as soon as possible. In case of the parking ticket is expired, new ticket must be bought within 5 or 15 minutes. The former refers to the case when parking fee was paid for less than one hour, while 15 minutes grace period applies to parking tickets, which are valid for longer term.

Where can I buy a top-up parking card?

Top-up Parking Cards, with various balances, can be purchased at the Customer Service Office of Budavári Kapu Kft.

Where can I get an invoice?

Invoices are issued by Customer Service colleagues for parking fees paid in cash at the P&D machines; the invoice can be received in person or via mail. To request an invoice please submit the original parking ticket to the Customer Service Office. 

In case of invoices, which are related to the Pay by Phone Parking services, the mobile operators are issuing invoices, so please contact the customer service of Telenor, T-Mobile or Vodafone.

Who on what basis makes decision on parking rates?

Parking rates are based on the proposals of the other Local Governments in Budapest and regulated under the decree of Fővárosi Közgyűlés [Municipal Assembly]. Enforcement hours and parking prices vary from one zone to another with regards to the supply/demand ratio. (e.g. nr. of parking bays compared to the nr. of vehicles searching for parking bays)

Why can’t I park longer than 3-4 hours if I anyway pay for it?

People are demanding for the empty parking bays are getting more and more, then the number of available parking on the street. The level of parking charges and the limit on waiting times promotes proper rotation of the vehicles during daytime in peak hours; without such system, motorist would not find an empty parking bays.

Why is parking not free everywhere?

The average number of cars has exploded in Budapest in recent years; there is an increasing demand for empty parking bays, whilst the total number of available parking bays on the street is insufficient. If motorist were able to anywhere park for free, it would be impossible to find an empty parking bay. No longer just thy city centre is over congested, but certain parts of the peripheral districts as well.

PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices)

My car broke down, will I get fined?

Parking attendants can not investigate the purpose why the car was parked, so vehicle technical problems are not acceptable exemptions from payment of parking fees. The car should be removed as soon as possible, as the on street parking bays are not suitable for vehicle storage.

I had valid parking ticket, but got a PCN. Why?

Parking tickets must be placed behind the windscreen of the car where it is clearly visible. Otherwise, the parking attendant is not able not check and verify the validity of the ticket.

I got a payment order, but the penalty charge is already paid

According to the information printed on the payment order, the payment has to be proved, therefore must be presented to the Customer Service. You may send a copy of the payment certificate to us by fax or via post, or you can visit the Customer Service in person.

I got a parking fine, but my car was driven by somebody else

According to the principle of strict liability the keeper of the vehicle can only be exempted if the car was stolen prior to receiving a PCN, or the driver of the car acknowledges the offense in a private document.

How can I pay the penalty charge?

There is a yellow cheque enclosed to the payment order, but you can also use the pink cheque, wire transfer or top-up parking card at the P&D machine to pay the parking fine; cash payments are also possible at the Customer Service Office.

Certificate of payment must be submitted to the Customer Service. (This does not apply to cash payments made at Customer Service Office).

How can I get my fines reduced?

The levels of Penalty Charges are regulated by the Közúti közlekedésről szóló törvény [Road Traffic Act]. According to the law if the debt is paid within 15 days, instead of paying 41 hours parking fee as penalty, only 13 or 15 hours parking fee has to be paid as surcharge depending on length of the operation hours in the given parking zone..



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