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Invoice Request

General information

The amount to be paid for on-street parking is a service charge (TEÁOR 5221), which is the gross amount and contains 27% VAT. We can certainly issue invoice about the service on demand.

Parking tickets paid by cash

Invoices can be issued based on original receipts (documents) of parking tickets paid by cash, penalties and other charges at the Customer Service office.

The administration can be done in person (at the Customer Service office) or via post.

In case of wire transfers or paying by post, the invoice is subject to the payer's name and address. If you request your invoice via mail, please indicate the following information in a cover letter: name and address of the requester, the mailing address, where we can send the invoice back, if different.

Upon request, we are also able to issue an invoice for the payment of surcharges (Penalty Charge Notices). In this case, based on the municipal regulations, the invoice always consists of two items: parking fee price difference (one hour base fee), and the penalty charge, which is based on the payment date (the latter does not include VAT).




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