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Protected zone

The Buda Castle protected zone is bounded by the walls of Buda Castle, excluding Szent György utca, Szinház utca, Dísz tér and the property of Buda Palace.The Buda Castle Protected Zone can partially be accessed through the Buda Castle Paid Parking Zone

  • Entering
    Cars can access the Buda Castle protected zone thorough the Bécsi kapu access point  (from the paid parking zone) and the Tárnok utca access point. (from the Buda Castle paid parking zone) 
  • Exiting
    Cars can leave the Buda Castle protected zone  thorough the Bécsi kapu access point  (toward the paid parking zone) and Tárnok utca access point or Uri utca access point (towards the Buda Castle paid parking zone).

Paid parking (waiting) zone

The Buda Castle paid parking zone includes Dísz tér and Színház utca area bounded by the wall of the Buda Castle. Within this area, under the current regulation, parking fee have to be paid.

  • Entering
    Cars can access the Buda Castle paid parking zone through the Hunyadi János út access point and the Palota út access point
  • Exiting
    Cars can leave the Buda Castle paid parking zone through  Palota út access point. The Buda Castle paid parking zone can also be accessed from the Buda Castle protected zone through the Tárnok utca access point and Úri utca acess point

Buda Palace zone

The Buda Palace zone includes Szent György utca, and the property of Buda Palace bounded by the wall of the Buda Castle.

  • Entering and Exiting
    Cars can access and leave the Buda Palace zone through the Szent György utca access point only (Through the Buda Castle paid parking zone, drive into the zone first).




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