Parking Technology

Access control sysetm

The Local Government of Budavár purchased a brand new vehicle access control system for Buda Castle in 2012. The winning bidder of the public procurement has installed the latest cutting-edge product of SKIDATA, the Austrian premium class parking technology company.

The system has a wide range of solid references, since it was designed to support the parking demands of metropolitan parking garages, airports, leisure centers, shopping centers all over the world. The Buda Castle parking system accepts both Forint and Euro coins & banknotes for payment, and supports optional pay by phone parking.

CCTV Cameras

In addition to the new parking system, the surveillance camera system has been upgraded too: thanks to the better quality images, the chances to uncover crime and other contraventions have been improved.

With this technology improvement the main objective of the Local Government was to set up such a system, which worthy of Buda Castle and meets the European standards, supports transparent accounting and provides convenient services to the inhabitants and the offices within the Castle.



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